Daniela DeCastro –

Psychic and Spiritual Medium in Tampa, Florida

Daniela DeCastro is a renowned Psychic Spiritual Medium with over 30 years of experience in one-one readings, teaching at workshops and events and group readings at private parties. Daniela resides in the Tampa, Florida area and would mostly be available in that area. However, she visits many cities nationally and internationally for various events. Follow Daniela on Social Media or subscribe to know her schedule. 

In the modern digital age we are in, nobody is excluded! You can book Daniela for a private reading via phone, Skype, Wats App and most online chat platforms.


Daniela I just wanted you to know that your reading for me was amazing. I found out on Monday that the military made a mistake and Terry’s life insurance was much more and he left me financially ok. Everything you told me has been spot on. Thank you so much... Natalie

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