7 Signs That Spirits Are Around You

An important piece of information to understand, if you feel the presence of spirits around you then you have mediumship abilities. Most people respond, "no not me", but you're more attuned to your psychic-medium abilities. This is a gift and not a curse. Have you noticed that strange things seem to happen around you or to you? Do you have a tendency to not like spooky places? Do you think you see things out of the corners of your eyes only to quickly look and there is nothing there? Do you think someone called your name and you respond only to realize that no one is there? If you have answered yes then keep reading, this information will be beneficial for you to better understand yourself. A key component is not to reject yourself, this is a part of who you are and not what you do. I also find that there is a difference between spirits that moved on into the light or to continue their journey and those that remain stuck or earthbound but that's a topic for another article.

7 Signs That Will Tell You Spirits Are Around You

1. Fragrance

Out of the blue, you notice a particular fragrance like your grandmother's perfume, your grandfather's pipe, your mom's favorite flower or the hair product your dad used. I have had loved ones come and send me a strong scent as if they were holding the object under my nose. I think of it as their calling card. This is a way for your loved ones to let you know that they are close by. If they were your go-to in life, your support person they will do their best to give you signs that they are still around. Even if a family member was not close to you in life, on the other side as they start to evolve they do their best to let you know they love you and they are sorry for their shortcomings.

2. Flickering Lights

A common tactic for them is to have the lights flicker or actually go on or off as if someone touched the light switch. We are all energy, spirit is energy without the physical body. It is easy for them to interfere with the electric in our home or even switch the lights in our car to on and off. I knew a man that his fiancee did this repeatedly and the car dealer found nothing wrong with the car's electrical system. She only did it on deserted roads, never putting him in physical danger, but letting him know that she was still with him.

3. Radio Station switches to play a Deceased Loved One's Favorite Song

Have you been thinking of a deceased loved one and all of a sudden a song starts playing that is their favorite song or it clearly represents them? Did you have the radio station switch on its own? These are all signs of your loved ones trying to get your attention. Do you hear a particular song playing over and over in your head and realize that's the song your dad sang to you as a kid? Or do you find yourself singing a song that is totally not to your liking and you haven't heard in years and then realize it was a song that your mom sang in the car when you were little? They are able to place things in our thoughts. It is telepathy and one way the spirits communicate and connect with us.

4. TV Switches Channels for No Reason...Or is it for a Reason?

Static on the TV or changing of the television station for no apparent reason is another way they manipulate electricity, as well as turning the power on and off. This can be unsettling while you are watching a program and you are thinking about them and all of a sudden your television shuts off or gets static. I even had my dad convey a message to me on TV through medium John Edwards days after he passed. I was shocked that the details that I heard were exactly my personal story with all the information fitting my family and all the details surrounding the passing. It really stunned me!

5. Wind or Breeze In The Room With No Logical Source

Another strong sign is feeling a wind coming through your room and no window or doors are open. Out of thin air, a strong breeze is blowing across you and your family with no logical explanation. When these experiences occur usually you were talking about the deceased person missing them, or you were thinking about them. They try so hard to let us know that they are still here by your side. They want to comfort us and let us know that they love us and are still actively involved in our lives. They are at all special occasions, weddings, graduations, births and holidays. A spirit recently came through after 27 years on the other side and gave evidence, specific details that he knew everything that was going on in his child's life.

6. Spirits In Your Dreams

A frequent and common experience is for our loved ones to appear in our dreams. It is a way for them to come directly with us and because it is in the realm of the dream most people feel safe. Often having the feeling or idea that it was more than a dream. Or if you are lucky, in the in-between, not awake and not asleep you can see them, or hear them or even feel them touching you. It feels so real. When awake it feels as if their loved one stepped out of the room. They can actually still feel their presence in the room, their essence. During the "dream" your loved ones will try to explain things to you or help you work through your grief or your problems. Again they want to be of assistance to you and let you know that you are not alone.

7. Physical Touch From A Spirit

Some people doubt this next experience and think it's their imagination but sometimes a spirit will touch your arm, pat your back or head. A powerful technique is when they sit down on the bed and you can feel it or see the indentation. I believe this type of manifestation requires a great deal of their energy and some training on their part. They have been known to move objects across a table, bump your bed or sit down on the couch next to you. You can feel or sense that they are near you.

I want to reiterate that your loved ones work hard to let you know that they still exist, they are happy and well and are still here to love and support you to the best of their abilities. It can be frustrating when people refuse to be open to the possibility that when you die you are in a different realm, behind the vale. Spirits vibrate at a higher frequency and our eyes can't register their presence, interesting that you can see them with peripheral vision but not straight on. That is the working of our third eye. We sense someone is standing near us but often brush it off to our imagination, it's not real. This is where their hard work can become frustrating. A lot of humans refuse to acknowledge that their loved ones still exist and their spirits are around them.


I even had a family member show up in the background of a photograph of his grandchildren. He was part of the light and his children didn't even notice it at first but who would expect him to be photobombing?


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