Angel Numbers - The Comprehensive Guide

Numerology is the science that studies the vibration of numbers and their meaning and was invented by the mathematical philosopher Pythagoras. This is the basis where angel numbers are studied. According to Pythagoras, there are 9-year cycles in life where the first numbers are beginnings and the last endings. Each number has a different cosmic vibration and teaches us that we can vibrate in harmony with infinity. There are two important numbers: your birth date and the current year you are in, this makes you a unique and perfect being. The numbers represent different vibrations that have to do with your personality or with a period of time.

The cycles of life are divided into 3 stages:

Birth to 27 years (Training Cycle): Objective to achieve independence, show others that you are good, recognition, generally depends on others even financially.
27 to 54 years (Productive Cycle): Objective to guide, seek personal growth beyond work, independence, questioning, they can become fans of sports, work or spirituality.
54 until the end of life (Harvest): Leave a mark, serenity, try to leave a thought or a legacy in the world.

What do angel numbers mean?

Through numerology, it is how the hidden meaning of numbers is represented, presenting special characteristics and qualities that stand out in each meaning, and that is why it is so relevant today, that many people feel identified with some specific number. For angel numbers, it is quite interesting, since the angels we know, those beings of light and life somehow communicate, and they do it in this earthly life through dreams and in many opportunities they have in our daily lives. The dreams, in most cases, show or give a message both positive and negative, this will depend on the circumstances in which you find yourself, but in the end, it turns out to be a message that you need to solve for your life. So as numerology comes to our lives, then, when we carry out a numerological study, there they even determine characteristics of the human being, which you may not know you possess.

Messages through Angel Numbers

We are almost always subject to the experience of dreams and saying that we have dreamed something. What we do not know is to what extent dreams reflect something that we don't know. In this particular case, angels communicate through dreams, using any mechanism that facilitates communication. Angel numbers are the way where we can identify different meanings for our daily life. You can know some meanings of the numbers and combinations of them, from the angelic point of view.

The Meaning of Angel Numbers

All the numbers that we know are special because they are the communication of angels. I will show you the meaning of some numbers that you will surely have encountered repeatedly throughout your life.

Calculating your special number with your date of birth

To get your number from your date of birth, the formula is: (year) + (month) + (day). For example, if you were born on 11th February 2001, it would be like this: (2 + 0 + 0 + 1) + (2) + (1 + 1) that adds (3) + (2) + (2) = 7.

What your Special Number Means

Number 1 - Independent, leader, new beginnings, solo, boss, initiator

They are leading people, very good at managing teams, starting as many times as necessary, persistent, confident and determined. Usually, very ambitious people and can even become selfish, arrogant or impatient, they think more about individualism than about the collective.

They like to be in control and they are tireless workers, sometimes they can be very dominant and stubborn and they find it hard to accept other points of view.

Number 2 - Follower, sensitive, feminine, diplomatic, soft and little money

Collaboration and association. Marriage or separation. They are dependent people, they like to work in teams, they like to be surrounded by people and they feel safe when they are around other people.

They are good friends, very sociable, loyal and very good partners. Number 2 people are great followers, sometimes they have a hard time making decisions because they are dependent and can even be insecure. They take a long time to think and define what they want but when they make decisions there is no turning back.

Number 3 - Happiness, expression, art, sociability, creativity, friendship, children, pets

They are very good people to communicate, express themselves and reach other people. They tend to be creative, sensitive, dedicated but a little absent-minded, sometimes they tend to be very dreamy and have problems anchoring themselves to the ground, that is, they find it difficult to materialize what they want and they can be very wasteful.

They are very detached from money and that is why even though they receive a good income they do not know how to manage it, so their success comes when they achieve the balance between the spiritual and the creative with the rational. They have the gift of reaching children and animals for their warmth and charisma.

Number 4 - Material, work, practical order, hard and obstinate

They are very intelligent, orderly people, they follow the rules, they are methodical and they like everything to be in order. They tend to be very disciplined and responsible for their work and because of this they tend to spend years in the same job because they prefer the safe than the risky and therefore they are very stable.

They find it hard to adapt to changes, they prefer to stay in the known and safe than to dare to the new.

Number 5 - Change, travel, transitory, freedom, visual and sexual attraction

They are free souls, travelers, and adventurers. They prefer freedom, they are uncomfortable with the rules, they want to eat the world and everything flows naturally. They like to spend time in nature, they prefer to go to the mountains, parks or beaches instead of being indoors.

They are earthly angels and they have a mission with the planet to take care of it and do something for others, but because they really like changes, sometimes they lose focus and forget what they want.

Number 6 - Love, family, Food, domestic, health, music, and appearance

They are very familiar people, they love being with a partner, spending time with the people they love and their priority is their family.

They love to give love and sometimes they find it difficult to receive because they enjoy consenting to others and that is why they are the core of the couple and even of the union.

They prefer to stay at home before going out to socialize with other people, they love calm and tranquility and if they want to conquer them through a good dinner or good food you can reach them.

Number 7 - Only, wisdom, reflection, introspection, perfectionism, teaching, opportunity, scientific or religious

It is the number of spirituality, they are wise souls who need to be in constant learning, they need to be filled with knowledge and are always passionate about different topics.

They tend to enjoy their loneliness very much and appreciate the moments of silence because it is there that they come to very profound theories of life to teach and transmit them to others.

They have a very beautiful life mission and it is to help others through their example and if they wish through the wisdom and practical advice of life because they see everything simply and easily to practice to find true happiness.

Number 8 - Material, money, business, authority, value and hard

They are people of great power, authority and good leaders with the ability to acquire a lot of money and wealth. They tend to be people of challenges, achievements and very passionate and even obsessive about what they do. They do not accept "NO" as an answer, they see everything possible, and they believe that work and discipline achieve everything.

They come to show the world that we must fight for our dreams and dedicate ourselves with the effort to fulfill what we want.

Number 9 - Closure, termination, teaching, travel, humanitarian, giving, service and kindness

They are humanitarian people who enjoy teaching and serving others. They always think about how to collaborate, who needs help and how to serve without receiving anything in return.

Sometimes they think a lot about others and forget about their needs, which leads them to lose balance and balance in life and often even get sick.

Suppose you want to calculate your number of the year currently...

(Current year) + (month) + (day) that is if the year we are in is 2020 and your birthday is on February 11th, the calculation would go as follows: (2 + 0 + 2 + 0) + (2) + (1 + 1) which adds (4) + (2) + (2) = 8 and (8 + 0) = 8


It is the beginning of a 9-year cycle, therefore it is very important to plan what you want, what would make you happy and what you want to happen in the coming years.

You still bring energy from the previous year, which is a 9 and you may bring learnings that you have not resolved or are pending to close, so it is important from love to make decisions and say goodbye to yesterday.


It is a year of much reflection, it is important to study, take time for the things you like and start to put a strategy into your life, remember that 7 years are coming and they can be the best years of your life so you should start planting what then you want to harvest.


It is a good year to share with other friends and loved ones to maintain close relationships. Good news, celebrations and even unexpected gifts of life are coming.


It is a good year to grow a project, change jobs, to find additional income, start new projects and work hard. It is recommended to act and move with a lot of effort and dedication.


It is a year of many changes, trips and surely you begin to see different options towards the path of your dreams. Maybe you have to make some important decisions that will change your life, so open your eyes believing that you deserve all the happiness that the universe has for you.


It is a year to spend more time with your family, maybe get closer to your partner and your children and if you do not have a partner it is ideal to meet a person and start a relationship since it is the year of love and romance.


It is the year of introspection, it is good to take a vacation in a spiritual retreat or a quiet place because it is to analyze, question and rediscover who you are and how you can reinvent yourself.


It is the year of abundance and prosperity, it is the recollection of the effort and dedication of previous years and it is also ideal for investing.

You deserve all the abundance that the universe has for you, so review unnecessary expenses, income and ask yourself if you are receiving what is fair and if the answer is negative, focus on more because it is your year to receive but you must manifest it.


It is the year to close the cycle of 9 years, make a balance of what you consider that you did well what you would have liked to be different, the learning and what you no longer want to have in your life.

Take the opportunity to manifest the next 9 years so that they are the happiest of your life!!

Numbers that teach us

Numbers called "teachers" 11, 22, 33. These numbers are attributed to a proper meaning and a series of properties that differentiates them from all other numbers because it has a more intense vibration.


The highest level of spiritual perception, where the link between the mortal and the immortal is made, between man and spirit, between darkness and light, ignorance and illumination. This is the symbolic essence of number 11.


Combines a double dose of the intuitive and feminine ability represented by the number 2, with maximum ability to make dreams come true.


Combines the most competent powers of expression and realization with the teacher and the tutor par excellence, the 6. Its true essence constitutes the last stage in spiritual evolution, the Master of teachers.

Consecutive Angel Numbers

0000 (2, 3 or 4 zeros)

Perfect alignment with the universe you are acting and living from the universal union in which we are all one and the angels congratulate you !!

1111 (2, 3 or 4 1's)

It is the number of the manifestation if you think positive, positive things come, but if you think from fear, you attract so it is the best time to make wishes, think, act and feel from love and you will receive what you long for.

2222 (2, 3 or 4 2's)

The angels applaud you, surround you and affirm their love, you are on the right path.

3333 (2, 3 or 4 3's)

The ascended masters are with you they want to send you a message and let you know that they are with you. These teachers can be Jesus, The Virgin, Buddha, Saint Germain among others.

4444 (2, 3 or 4 4's)

It is a non-cosmic, perhaps what you have been thinking is not the solution to your problems, rethink your options and ask for heavenly guidance.

5555 (2, 3 or 4 5's)

Changes are coming so get ready for something you want, do not put limits just have faith and trust.

6666 (2, 3 or 4 6's)

You are very focused on the material world you must work more spiritually remember that God is with you and you are not only maybe you have the solution or see it right now but it will come through divine help.

7777 (2, 3 or 4 7's)

You are on the right path, keep working on your spirituality, you are receiving the signs and messages so keep learning and growing on your way.

8888 (2, 3 or 4 8's)

Abundance and prosperity, the good news is coming, perhaps a promotion, an inheritance, a sum of money that comes into your life and perhaps good news that will give you much happiness, so just thank and open to receive.

9999 (2, 3 or 4 9's)

Close, some stage of your life has already come to an end, you must close from thanks and move on.

In life everything that begins ends, everything has a beginning and an end and so are the numbers. The angel numbers have an energetic vibration in everything has a before and after.


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