Full Moon Ritual For Healing & Releasing

Full moon rituals or ceremonies have been happening for centuries. It's an opportunity every 28 days to reflect and see what areas of your life are not working, what habits, practices or people need to be released. I find it an exciting time. This isn't about worshipping the moon but instead about being grateful for the beauty, the energy and the reminder that it's a time for a reset. If you have things in yourself or life that are not working for you,  why are you holding on to them or defending their existence? This is a time to evaluate and reflect on what needs healing and what needs releasing.

Why Hold On To Trauma?

A lot of people collect diseases, negative energy from past painful experiences and trauma. You can hold on to it and become more and more depressed, despondent and sicker or you may want to start experiencing the unfamiliar, shift your energy, let go and bring healing towards you, a new practice, a new way of being. Many of us don't even realize that there is another way, we don't have to hold onto grief, sorrow, pain and even guilt. We get so used to feeling sad, guilty and our feelings of unworthiness.

Are you ready to take back your power, become a co-creature in your life, or are you more comfortable staying in the familiar role of victim?

We Are All Connected

You have the ability and the opportunity to reset your intentions and focus every 28 days with a full moon ritual ceremony. Being connected to Mother Earth, Gaia is an important aspect of understanding our true nature. We are all connected, everything has energy and we are all connected on an energetic level. It is important to remember you have free will, it is up to you if you want to stick with the familiar patterns and current path that you are on, or it is time for a healthier new beginning. I am not saying that this is the only process to get well and create a life that is exciting, adventurous and a new you that is filled with a passion and zest for life. This is just one way to start taking charge and changing your life into the life that you desire to live, your best life. The choice and the power to do something about it is yours alone.

Spiritual ToolBox 

If you decide that you're ready to heal and release blockages, lower negative energy, then the full moon ritual can be a great practice to add to your spiritual toolbox. You can pick and choose what you would like to include in your full moon ritual ceremony. It can be fancy, plain bare basics, include as many or a few simple steps. This truly is a process that you design to fit your comfort level and needs, if something doesn't feel right or comfortable you will not stick with the whole process. So decide early on to make a commitment to only doing what you sense is right for you by using your discernment.  Also once you begin and you change your mind about a particular aspect then just delete that piece from your spiritual practice.

Now let's get to the fun stuff and create a new practice to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Items To Include

  1. A sacred space, as in your personal altar, a favorite spot in your garden or the outdoors in general.

  2. Prayer to open.

  3. Preferably a white candle, to represent peace, safety, even better if vanilla to attract angels.

  4. Chimes or bells to clear the energy, you can even bang two sticks together to raise the vibration.

  5. I like to include the 4 elements, earth, water, air, and fire. I use a seashell, feather, crystal and candle. The shell represents water, candle for fire, crystal for earth, feather for air.

  6. Pen and paper.

  7. A lighter or matches.

  8. Tongs

  9. Two bowls of water. 

  10.  A prayer to close.

Helpful Tips

I recommend doing this if you feel weighed down or if your energy feels drained. Perhaps you're experiencing brain fog or you just don't recognize or feel like yourself. Sometimes it feels like there is a block to experiencing joy or happiness. If you feel like this applies to your current situation then cutting cords is a good way to start to release and free yourself from any energy leaks or blockages. You can do this once you are in your sacred space.

Time To Begin Your Full Moon Healing & Releasing Ceremony

You begin by being in your sacred space, it could be as convenient or as fancy as you prefer.  I enjoy doing it in the evening when the moon has risen. My sacred space is my meditation garden but I have also done it in my kitchen over the sink during rainstorms. 

Once in your sacred space call on God/Source, archangels, guardian angels, guides all beings that you feel a strong affinity with. 

Have your crystals, feathers, white candle, shells, two bowls of water as well as pen, paper and lighter on hand.

1. Ring the chimes 3 times to clear the energy in your space.

2. Then thank God/Source, archangel Michael to sever all cords and remove all implants that are not for your highest good. 

3. You can also envision silver water flowing over you clearing all lower negative vibrational energy running from your head to your toes.

4. Or surround yourself with God/Source golden rose colored light washing through all of your chakras.

Pick what feels right to you and you enjoy doing it. If it doesn't feel good then you won't stick with the spiritual habit.

Opening Prayer

Thank you that I AM successfully releasing all that no longer serves me. Removing all blockages, limitations and faulty programming. Thank you that I AM free and one with God/Source energy and I AM manifesting the life that I desire and surrounded in loving light.

Writing Down Your Release

You want to go with what feels comfortable to you. Ask your higher-self, God, guides,  whatever feels right to you, to help you write your list of what to let go of. Remove blockages, energy from past pain in your heart, remove the fear that has been holding you back, whatever area you need healing in and to release the energy. You ask and you will receive guidance. You just want to ground yourself, having your bare feet on the earth take several deep breaths and be still. Whatever is your strongest way to receive messages you will be guided.

Next, you write down what it is that you feel you need to let go and be free. What is it that no longer serves you? Write down everything that comes into your mind and heart and put it all on the paper. Then you want to sign and date it. Taking back your power by taking responsibility for your life and your actions.

Now you pick up the paper with tongs if you have them or carefully hold the corner as you light the edge on fire. The faster the paper burns it is a sign that you are ready to let go and move on. If you have to keep relighting the paper then you have resistance to what you're asking for. You may know that it is for your highest good but you're not quite ready to let go. The good news is that you're aware of the direction that you need to go in, but you need some time before you are ready to move on. If that is the case it may be necessary to release the same items several times before you're ready to let go.

Once the flame is burning up the paper rapidly and you can no longer hold on to it safely that's when you place it into the bowl of water. You release it and allow your intentions to travel in the smoke up to the ethers as the paper is extinguished in the fire.

The Closing Prayer

Thank God/Source, angels, elementals, guardian angels, all the beings that you called in for assistance. You want to thank them for assisting you and guiding you in what to heal and release in your life that is for your highest and greatest good.

The last step is to use the second bowl of water to wash your hands and to be clear of all that is no longer serving you. Then ring the chimes 3 times to close your ceremony.

This is your spiritual practice so include only what serves you and feels good. I hope this has given you some ideas of how you would like to do your full moon ritual healing and release ceremony for the next full moon. Many blessings to you and wishes for a happier and healthier life!


© 2019 by Daniela Decastro

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