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Updated: Jun 10

Life After Death

Death is a natural stage of human existence and likewise, every human being must experience life after death, without having the slightest knowledge of what that transition process will be like. When we are born the only thing we know exactly is that someday we will have to die since a death has always been imminent. But you have no need to be alarmed, worried or afraid of death, and for this very reason, it is important to start to see and speak about death openly with your loved ones.

Death not only comes with frustration, pain, loss, and perhaps guilt, but it also comes with great uncertainty and many questions that fill our minds, and one of these questions is:

Do our loved ones have a life after death?

As we well know, death has always been a taboo, full of fictional stories, some chilling and others quite negative, they are a mystery for many, but not for a true medium. Death itself has become an element of continuous obsession and fear; Hollywood movies, as well as television, do not educate people properly about what happens after death and only take the subject of death as a source of entertainment, entertainment that terrifies all those who spend their time watching this type of programs or movies. It is for this reason that is highly important to educate many people and start talking about death just as many people talk about politics or soccer.

The connection between the brain and the mind and the life after death

The connection between the brain and the mind is an important area of ​​the Philosophy of the mind and this branch is very complex. Neuroscience is so far the

only science that can define this connection since it helps us visualize how our thoughts work in the mind. Even though this beautiful science exists to help us understand what is happening in our brain and mind, these scientists have not had the experiences of a medium whose job is to communicate with the spirits of loved ones who have already passed away, as well as easily connect with any kind of energy to provide another perspective that could immensely aid any scientific investigation and deeply uncover not only the mysteries of our mind but also obtain more information about our body and soul.

What is life after death according to a Medium?

The soul is eternal and never ceases to exist, and this can be somewhat controversial for many people due to the different beliefs that have reinforced us since we were

children. A medium can compare this physical plane where we live as a great school, where each one of us comes to experience, live, learning, loving, and expanding our consciousness, to continue advancing as souls.

Our soul is our true essence, not our physical body. The soul allows mediums to continually connect with the divine source (while they are living on this physical plane), heaven, or our true home, they do this through sleep, astral travel, or the use of mediumistic gifts. At the moment of death, the soul continues to live and it is at that very moment that we are born again, not in this physical world, but our true home. Death for a medium is not a negative thing because they think that since when we die we graduate from this school of life and take with us all those things that we have lived and the experience that we have accumulated. Like any type of graduation, this is a beautiful moment that has to be celebrated going to life after death.

When the person moves to the other plane after death, he no longer has pain, discomfort, or suffering. If the person was of advanced age, they can return to the preferred age without any problem, as babies and children also have the option of growing up on the other plane. Many times a loved one appears young and can send images to the medium's mind that he died of advanced age. Children and babies can also communicate easily with the same fluency, logic, and use of reason as an adult, but it is important to know that this transformation can vary according to the beliefs and tastes of each person.

What are the spirits doing on the other plane?

On the other plane the spirits continue to live their normal lives, they learn, study and work but on another level very different from ours here on this physical plane. We do not have to believe that our loved ones on the other plane do nothing, they are as busy as we are, but they are also aware of their loved ones on this physical plane, and the advantage is that you can call them only with thought, and they will be there with you to give you love and support.

When a loved one dies and goes to the life after death, their family members always look up at the sky and think that they are up there somewhere in the sky, they constantly wonder where they are. This dimension is in our noses and if we study a little more about the structure of the cosmos and physics, they will discover that there are more than 10 dimensions in the universe, but we cannot perceive them for many reasons, since those dimensions have different frequencies, as we are also used to seeing everything in 3D. Our mind cannot assimilate another dimension that is not the one in which we live and that is why many people who have had experiences with spirits or apparitions, want to learn how to develop that gift, to perceive those other dimensions and communicate with their residents easily.

When a family member dies, they cross the other plane and realize they are still alive! Of course, they no longer have a physical body, but their soul is still alive. On many occasions they try to communicate with their loved ones by any means, such as making noises, turning on lights, closing doors, putting scents that relate to the deceased, moving objects or simply making their presence felt in the room so strong that their loved ones know that they are present there. Many of these efforts are in vain, since people are scared, think that they are not resting in peace, or simply ignore them or think that it is only a product of their imagination. It is at this very moment that we lose a beautiful opportunity for communication after death, where they want to let us know that they are still alive, that they continue to care for us and love us.

You must begin to be attentive to these signals, since they spend too much energy to communicate with us, and this is why the appearances or signals of our loved ones provide us are more frequent shortly after their death. Just close your eyes and enjoy the silence of the room and feel the love of your loved ones surrounding you and giving you lots of love and healing.

You must understand that one day it will be our turn to graduate and go to life after death and there we will hug again with those loved ones who have already passed away. We must not fear death, hell, and the hereafter. We must speak openly on this subject, thus breaking the mystery that surrounds death and the hereafter.

Even though this life is beautiful and full of very positive things, just by watching the news, you can see that we are living in what seems to be hell, full of evil, obsession, greed, and lies. This plane teaches us many things, we learn to love, hate, persevere, be strong, be resilient, to experience pain in the flesh, to appreciate or despise what we have, to fall or leave addictions, to be independent, responsible, among many other lessons and it is for this reason that our soul needs a physical body to reincarnate in this plane, which is considered one of the most difficult planes to reincarnate. We on this plane are following a life plan, where each of our loved ones follows a script and fulfils a mission in life after death.

Don't you think that this plane in some way from its negative parts seems to be hell? We are experiencing hell here on this plane and that hell does not exist in any other dimension. Everyone who lives on this dimension is considered a warrior and a very brave soul, and for this same reason is that death must be celebrated for all those years we live, the goals we achieve and be proud to graduate from the school of the life, one of the most difficult dimensions in the existence of the universe.

Always be sure that every loved one who has passed away in your family, friends, and even your pets, they are all fine and follow their lives, as you continue to live yours. There is only one difference and that is that you require a physical body to continue living on this plane, but the dead ones no longer have a physical body, they are enjoying the true body, a body made up of pure and infinite energy, an etheric body that will never die.


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